Tuesday, September 11, 2012

don't robins come in the spring?

robins do come in the spring and when we see them gingerly promenading through the frost it gives us a sense of new beginnings and hope. a new story has begun.

i would like to introduce you to a new beginning with an old twisty turn.

housed within a little white house in portsmouth village, kingston, ontario
is a tiny shop.
it is born with the intent to create a space where people can re-energize by purchasing an old fashioned book and indulge in the gentle art of reading.

it is slightly mysterious.
it contains many stories.
vintage books will be found there.
old children's fairytales.
sassy, pocket book mysteries.
nearly new bestsellers.

here on these 'to come' pages, will be the writings of the ongoing adventure of seeking vintage treasures.
i hope you will join me.


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