Saturday, October 20, 2012

last sunday the doors opened to the little white house. signs were set out and the flag was waving. we endeavoured to welcome our neighbours and friends, and some brand new people we met for the first time. inside we had treats and all sorts of lovlies.

it was a lot of fun. there really was an excitement that built from the idea of a book boutique. there were all sorts of ideas around book exchanges, book clubs and themes that people would like to see. who knows maybe readings?? 

three books were even purchased! i was so excited to see my vintage pop-up goldilocks go into the hands of a proud grandma who was going to take it to her granddaughter on an upcoming visit. the week previous, my 1970's jumbo sized Poky Little Puppy board book went to another woman who purchased a pair of baby bloomers from Annette and the Poky book thinking they would go together perfectly. what a great idea! books and quilts (or hand-made baby apparel in this case.)  

how about that for cozy?

we haven't set a date for our next opening, but we will be setting up regular opening times soon, esp. in time for all the holidays on the way. as soon as this is figured out we will announce when our opening times will be. 

inside the studio there are all sorts of things such as greeting cards, hand-made quilts in an assortment of sizes, with colours that will make you swoon, table linens, collage, paintings and of course my books.
and just because i find it very exciting, i have to add that i have just landed a whole bunch of pocket paperback perry mason mysteries which just sort of tickle me somehow with their naughty covers - i hope to have some pics up of them soon.

come visit us. we want to meet you!

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  1. You describe it all so perfectly!!!
    And your photos are gorgeous!
    This is going to be a wonderful little venture for two girls who live words and beautiful things.