Tuesday, October 23, 2012

i wanted to talk about my mission for the storybook robin. Where did this idea come from, and why oh why am I doing this and where is this going? maybe it doesn't matter to you (then i'd suggest you read no more,) but maybe you'd be interested in this little bit of history. 
i like story, so maybe you do too?

this year has been a strange year where i've had a bit of a curse with my health and in the end a blessing. the blessing is that i've been given time to do some of the things that i absolutely love. one is writing, and two is collecting old books. 

both are born in the blood. 

re: writing. i don't think there is one member of my fathers side of the family that doesn't write - hasn't attempted it anyway. we write. all of us. 
re: old books - on that same side of the family we all like old things - maybe because we are becoming 'old thangs.' but all of us seem to be collectors of some sort - maybe a little OCD? as long as it's managed it is wonderful though, right? if it's not, it can just become a bad case of hoarding. :) 

in the storybook robin case i can assure you it is an art form that will be organized nicely and will offer a wide variety of books from escape reads to vintage beauties.

i'll tell you about the storybook robin now. 

to begin with i live in an absolute gem of a community. we have it all. good neighbours, the lake, an eclectic array of homes where no two are alike, we have a tavern, a walking trail, a post office... it goes on and on. but the one thing we do not have is a library or a book store. so that is where the storybook robin emerges.

it emerges from a passion for books, especially old tattered books - admittedly children's being my favourite. it will be built on the desire to give community a meeting hub to re-energize in the gentle art of reading and perhaps, just perhaps, the thrill of discovering an affordable gem. i believe that where quality literacy exists, people have the resources they need to build imagination, grow culturally and build a rich and vibrant community.

so i reclaim books. i pick them like golden apples.... from flea markets, yard sales and auctions and i now offer them to you. that's what i've been doing. and i now offer this to the community with pleasure.

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