Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Perry Mason Pulp

I haven't over analysed what it is about these pocket book mysteries that I seem to love, but I do love them. Maybe they just remind me of old photographs of my mother and my aunt decked out in their glam 60's attire?

In many ways these books, that I picked up a couple of weeks ago from a used bookstore, yet another used bookstore that is going out of business, delight me for their covers alone. I can't say that I've ever finished an Erle Stanley Gardner novel, and I do admit the titles are shockingly politically incorrect, but I like these little paperbacks anyway. Little pieces of pocketbook history. Small items of beauty like costume jewellry.

My home from work, sickish husband just walked by one of the books, read the title out loud and laughed. See, they're awesome!

I also like the line I just read in wikipedia discussing the rigid plot patterns that states,

"...a study of Gardner’s novels by critic Russel B. Nye did expose a pattern. Nye called Gardner’s novels as formal as Japanese Noh drama." Funny.

So. There are a bunch of these beauties at the studio now, along with some other new paperback children's novels I've acquired. Come on by and see them.

We have selected our opening times so if you would like to stop by the studio and see some of Annette's work and/or pick up a quick read come see us:

wednesday to friday 11 - 6
weekends and any other time by appointment.
Email: thestorybookrobin@hotmail.com  
We are located in Portsmouth Village in 'the little white house' @ 55 Mowat Ave. Kingston, ON Canada 

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