Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kingston Symphony Book Fair

It was better than sleeping in. It was better than chocolate. I missed my pancakes because of it, and even that was no big deal in the end.
I put on my boots and walked the length of Queen Mary Road early this past Sunday and arrived at the Kingston Symphony Book Fair - $5 for a box sale. FIVE BUCKS FOR A BOX OF BOOKS! 
I had half an hour before I was being picked up so I had to move...
At the entrance I was met by a bunch of enthusiastic and very friendly volunteers who quickly handed me a box and I got going. There were fiction, non-fiction, paperbacks, hardcovers, sheet music, books on tape, children's books, first editions, some over-looked signed copies,  and every genre of book you can imagine. Some of them were so gently used, they may have not even been opened...  
It was such a blast. If you need to fill bookshelves this is 'the' event. Perhaps you want all blue books, or grey to match the colour theme of your living room..? Maybe you want all of your favourite classics, or you just need a bunch of books for five bucks to get you through the winter... This is the event to pounce on. Personally I felt like I had won one of those contests where you are allowed to run around the grocery store and fill up your grocery cart for free. It was quite the zippy adrenaline rush. 
And so, I will remain sufficiently nourished until the next big event and I am already on the e-mail reminder list. :) It was great getting the books, but to add to it all I felt really pleased to support the Kingston Symphony Association. I love that they do this once a year and I send out a heart-felt thank you to them and their very helpful and friendly volunteers.

Here are my newly filled shelves.

Books. I love them... for so many reasons. :)

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  1. i so love this post.
    i want to come with you next time. it reminds me of a sale in michigan, in the 80s. it was in a large pillared courtyard and it was $1 for a grocery bag of books. the old square bottomed paper grocery bags. i filled my car. and i still have books that i've cherished all these years, from that sale.