Thursday, November 29, 2012


"Tintin! Are you dead? Say yes or no but answer me!” 


Of course Tintin always wins and lives on the minds of the world, good or bad.

Was the writer/creator of Tintin (Georges Remi aka Herge) creating early 'European Anime?' I don't know. Tintin was definitely overflowing in the spirit of action packed plots, adventure themes and colour-filled graphics. I do know that his work was a wonderful part of many of our childhoods. It took us away to far and distant lands and influenced our choice in dogs (in my case.)

Milou? No, it's Seussy.

So earlier in the summer I was pretty happy to win a special auction. I joyously outbid my competitors to find that I purchased twelve of what appear to be first edition Tintin hardcovers. They are all in good to near fine condition, with no writing on the inside and some minor bumping to the edges and spine. Some of them are a little beat up, but over all they are pretty great copies. Now trying to determine if these are actually first editions is next to impossible, unless I get on an airplane, have my own big adventure and fly to the Artcurial Auction House in Paris where the experts who care a lot about Tintin seem to be. Or maybe a Tintin diehard fan/expert will come visit me some day. Hint. Hint! :)

I have six different titles in both the English and French versions (Casterman and Methuen.) If you would like to see any of these, come see me this Sunday. We are having a studio opening from 10 am to 5 pm. I'd love to see you especially if you know a thing or two about Tintin. We will also be opening to the public on December 9th and 16th. 

Message me at  if you have any further questions.

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  1. Wait - you are a fantastic writer and you love Tintin TOO???!!! I think we might just be soulsisters.

    I have loved Tintin ever since I was 6. Billions of blistering blue barnacles!!