Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Hardy Boy Sundays

Sundays remain sacred days to me, all the way from my childhood until now. I spent my Sundays as a child being zipped around by my parents to church and relatives homes. We dropped in on everyone to say hi, and it was welcomed. I don't remember one Sunday of my childhood where we didn't share a dinner at someones house or have someone at ours. 
It was a check in day. We checked in on the people we loved. They checked in on us.

But admittedly the best thing about Sundays in my childhood was the television marathon of Disney, Bugs Bunny and then the thrilling Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mystery Show. Oh yeah! Where ever we happened to be a tv was switched on and we lounged while waiting for a dinner to be made. How we loved to be spooked by the Hardy Boys and Nancy. How I loved it when my dad would jump out and scare us, as the most suspenseful part of the show was playing. We screamed to the roof tops. We were bundled in the safety of family and play. 

So when I found the Hardy Boy series in the old hard-back form, I had to buy them. Again, just looking at the covers tickles me. I was able to get the whole series minus two, to which I will be seeking determinedly. Any help will be welcomed! :) Most of these books are in barely cracked condition and they are just beautiful. Some are rubbed and worn and still lovely.

And for all you Ontarioans, be proud to know that one of the ghost writers for the series, who wrote many of the first books, up to 19 I believe, was born and bred in Ontario. His name was Leslie McFarlane. He was considered the best too of the ghost writers,  and of course the poor guy received a mere pittance for his work and never got a royalty. But he sure thrilled generations of children.

If you want to come see these books, come visit me at the studio. I am collecting the Tom Swift series as well which is a whole other story.

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